Woods of Wisdom LLC

 Like fingerprints, the colors and grain patterns naturally exist within the trees

Re-Shaping to Final Form

     Finally the one year waiting period has ended and we can continue with the process. As we look over our now dry wood turning, we take note of the following:

  • Deformation - How distorted did the piece get during the drying process? Can it be reshaped?
  • Cracks - How many and how severe...? Is it safe to turn?
  • Health of the Foot - Will the strength of the foot support the reshaping process?

     The answer must be yes to all of the above before reshaping will take place. For the most part the success rate is about 95% for us at this point. Yes, you will find distortion and cracks but, all in all, most pieces will successfully make it through the drying process.

      Reshaping requires us to really focus on what we are doing. Throughout this phase, we have agreed to keep all interruptions or unnecessary distractions to a minimum. This allows us to maintain an atmosphere that truly helps us create the best artistic piece possible. No, we don't check our karma, or burn incense, or call on any out of body experience to make this easier. We simply transform a distorted wooden form into something of proper balance and proportion while preparing the surface for any carving embellishment that we intend to apply.

     The sharper the tool, the less work that is required during the sanding process.

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