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 Like fingerprints, the colors and grain patterns naturally exist within the trees
Applying the Finish

Applying the Finish

     Adding the finish is the last and final step. Each part of this process is completed to the highest standards in order to meet our personal expectations. Application of the finish is attention to detail at its finest.

     The time of year dictates what method we can use to apply our preferred choice of finish. This can vary depending on your geographical location. During the summer time where we are located, the warm weather allows us to set up a nearly perfect exterior environment that enables us to spray Deft Lacquer. We generally apply three coats of lacquer while lightly sanding prior to the final coat. After a 48-hour drying period, a coat of wax is applied by hand and buffed off to its final sheen. During the winter, we have adjusted quite well to applying a Minwax Wipe-on Polyurethane. We find that if we apply this using the process similar to French Polishing, two to three coats will produce a sweetheart of a shine. Again, 48 hours after application, a coat of wax is applied by hand and buffed to its final glory. Whether summer or winter, a full critique is conducted on each piece. The internal honesty can be brutal.

     As stated at the beginning, our process from tree to table is quite an extensive one. We alter parts of this process depending on the variables that confront us; however, this description is an accurate blue print of what we do. If you have questions about any segment of the process please feel free to contact us and we will provide answers to the best of our ability. 

     Remember, there are many ways of accomplishing the same task. What we have chosen to follow is not written in stone. If you have found a process or method that works for you and you'd like to share it with us, we would greatly appreciate networking with you.

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