Woods of Wisdom LLC

 Like fingerprints, the colors and grain patterns naturally exist within the trees

It's Raining Blessings

Once upon a time, Williamsburg Virginia was the capital of the Colonies. Within Williamsburg, a church was built...an Episcopalian church named Bruton Parrish Church. Within its courtyard, members of the church have been laid to rest over the centuries. The trees planted in the courtyard have provided shade and shelter for those who have passed.

Last year, on the 24th of March, a magnificent Magnolia tree had to be removed from the courtyard to prevent potential damage to the courtyard's 300-year old perimeter brick wall.

We were blessed in obtaining this Magnolia tree and from March until now have produced 64 pieces of art in the rough form.

These photos depict the very first completed piece of art from this wonderful Magnolia tree. It will be a wedding gift in June of this year.
Its simplicity, shape and carvings tell a story. On the back is the dark cloud that has passed, representing the turmoil and pain each person experiences in their lives. On the front, the pearls and petals represent the couple's union and signs of new growth.

Although the photos do not show the incredible beauty of the natural wood, it has many waves of shimmer that represent God's raining down of blessings for this couple in the future.

The beauty of the wood alone is incredible. It was truly an honor to create this piece...